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Pierpont Manufacturing has a fabrication department that includes CNC Laser cutting, tube bending, saw cutting, and sheet metal forming. Weather you are working with carbon steel, stainless steel, or a variety of of other metals, we can produce parts to meet your exact project specs. With our fast turnaround times and competitive prices, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.

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Our Equipment

Industrial Laser Cutters

Our two 4000 watt laser cutters are capable of cutting material up to 5/8″ thickness.

CNC Band Saws

Our band saws are able to cut bar or tube material to precise repeatable lengths.

Tube Bending

We are able to bend tube up to 2″ in diameter and offer both mandrel bending and die and wiper bending.

Press Brakes

Pierpont’s press brakes have a capacity of up to 10′ parts and 100 tons of force. Our tooling allows for production of complex parts.

We are Available 24/7!

We specialize in getting products from idea to production. With our wide range of tools and equipment, we can take your idea and work with you to produce a prototype, small production, or large quantity jobs quickly and efficiently.

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